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York Lock and Key provides Medeco high security lock systems for the safety, security and convenience of users. The Medeco Key Mark is a key control management program that tracks every single key issued. Using the key control system, each individual is assigned a key with a blind code number. Each key bears a unique identifier so that no duplicate keys can be made. Only authorized personnel may issue keys, which are only given out in person for high security. A key control manager tracks keys using a computer software program to ensure all keys are accounted for. Medeco’s one-of-a-kind key control system delivers the maximum level of security for any building so you can rest assured your keys will not be duplicated.

Medeco’s commercial and residential deadbolts offer strong physical protection to fit your security needs. Using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, the lock features solid brass outer components to provide unmatched protection against break-in. Medico’s solid hardened steel deadbolts are resistant against key duplication, bumping, picking, drilling, wrenching, kicking or any other physical abuse. With Medeco’s deadbolts, your residential or commercial property is safe against physical attack.

We install high quality Medeco locks, keys and cylinder sets to protect your home or office. Medeco cylinders are drill and pick resistant and incorporate utility patented key control to protect against duplication of keys. Medeco locks use a special mechanism that provide superior pick resistance, and hardened steel inserts and a solid brass construction protect against drilling and physical attack. All Medeco cylinders and locks pass rigid testing to ensure they are truly high security.

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