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Select Entry Systems

Select Entry Systems

Installing an intercom and telephone entry system to your home or office is an effective method for access control. You will be able to keep your property safe from intruders and provide an excellent method of communication throughout the entire building. York Lock and Key takes your safety seriously. That’s why we provide professional delivery and installation of high security products from Select Entry Systems (SES).

SES is an industry leader for manufacturing top quality intercoms and telephone entry systems. Intercoms are installed in buildings with fixed microphones and speaker units connected to a central control panel. They connect rooms in homes and in large buildings, and can function as a means to broadcast announcements or emergency bells. Intercoms identify visitors trying to gain access, and can be interfaced with a building’s access control system.

Telephone entry systems are a unique communication device that provide two-way communication and control of a main entry door through a telephone line. They are ideal for homes, apartment buildings, gated communities, condos, offices, factories, industrial buildings and more.

York Lock and Key installs a wide selection of SES products for controlled access and telephone access, an essential part of your security program.

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