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Intrusion Detection

To protect your home or business, an intrusion system is your first and foremost level of defense. Intrusion systems are constantly changing, so you’ll want to upgrade your system to reduce your risk of burglary or crime.

York Lock & Key Inc. along with its security partner York Security Solutions, LLC offers the latest in security technology to ensure your safety.

Intrusion Detection

Hardwire Intrusion Systems

Most intrusion systems consist of a control panel, siren, door and window sensors, and motion detectors. In hardwire intrusion systems, a central control panel is wired to motion detectors, windows, and doors. Hardwire intrusion systems offer maximum security, are difficult to deactivate, and eliminate chances of false alarms.

Intrusion Detection

Wireless Intrusion Systems

Wireless intrusion systems offer protection for your home or business without the need for installing hardware into walls. Wireless transmitters run on batteries, thus eliminating the need for built-in wires.

Don’t wait for an incident to happen first! Protect yourself with a home security system. Let us provide the comprehensive services to help you install an intrusion system and start protecting your property today.

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