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Commercial Security

Whether you are managing a condo, hotel or office, York lock & Key Inc. provides a range of products and services for your building management solutions. York Lock & Key Inc. can implement appropriate layers of protection which starts from the outer area of the facility towards the inner common area of the property. Various concerns outlined below need to be considered for proper security.


Door Condition and Operation
The first line of defense in any facility against unauthorized entry is its doors. It’s important that the condition and operation of all facility doors are monitored in a maintenance schedule to assure proper protection.


Door Hardware
Just as important as the door itself is the hardware that closes and secures the door. Some of the hardware necessary for this operation are:

  • Door closers

    • Assists in securing exterior doors after a person leaves the building

    • Required on fire rated doors because they serve to contain smoke and keep fires from spreading

    • Helps keep energy prices down by shutting doors in air-conditioned areas

    York Lock & Key Inc. offers a complete line of maintenance-free hydraulic door closers that are UL listed, and ADA compliant. Door Closers recommended by York lock & Key Inc. include:

    • Arrow Commercial Door closers

    • LCN Commercial door closers

    Note: Door closers are effective for doors that open and close properly. Door operation should be checked prior to closer installation.

  • Door Locks

    • Commercial grade lock hardware offers physical security against unwanted entry into a facility

    • Required on fire doors to assure positive latching (Requires locks to be fire rated)

    • Exit devices (Panic devices) required on exit doors per fire code

    York Lock & Key Inc. installs and services a comprehensive line of door locks, including an extensive range of mortise locks, cylindrical locks, and exit devices. Some of the manufacturers we install and service (but are not limited to) are Arrow, Medeco, Yale, Schlage, Adams Rite, Corbin Russwin, Folger Adams, Sargent etc.

  • Exit & Door Prop Alarms

    • Prevents doors from being held open for a prolonged time (Propped open)

    • Sounds an alarm if a restricted door is opened.

    • Low cost, self-contained

    York lock & Key Inc. installs and services numerous exit alarms. Exit alarms are a low cost, quick & easy way to protect a door.

Medeco/Keymark Patented Key Control System

Most keys can be duplicated at a local hardware store because anyone can purchase the blank or uncut key. A Medeco/Keymark patented key control system makes it virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission. Due to key and cylinder patents as well as agreements for the controlled issue of key blanks, unauthorized manufacture and duplication of keys are prohibited. This greatly restricts tenants or employees from making numerous duplicates of common area keys. York Lock & Key Inc. is an Authorized Medeco Security Center installing key control systems in Dade and Broward County.

Surveillance Equipment (CCTV)

Surveillance equipment is a powerful tool in the fight against crime and vandalism. Along with it being able to solve crimes and prosecute offenders its presence alone can become a deterrent for unwanted activities around your property. York Security Solutions LLC, a fully licensed and insured sister company to York lock & Key Inc. can provide you with the necessary expertise required for complete protection of your property. Offering state of the art surveillance equipment, York Security Solutions can design and install your system to meet even the most demanding environments and conditions.

Access Control

Preventing unauthorized entry is crucial to any building security. Access control is that second layer of security that allows you to regulate entrance as well as documenting admittances. York Security Solutions LLC, a fully licensed and insured sister company to York lock & Key Inc. can provide you with the necessary expertise required for complete protection of your property. We offer a host of products from the leading manufacturers in the industry to design a system that fits your needs.​

Key Extraction

Key, Piece of a key, or other foreign part stuck in your lock?

We'll get it out.​

Expert Service

Our technicians are trained to offer expert professional service. Not to come out and replace parts but to assess the problem and address it correctly.