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    Whether you are managing a condo, hotel or office, York Lock & Key Inc. provides a range of products and services for your building management solutions. Learn More »



    Every year, businesses lose millions of dollars to theft. Last year alone there were over 2 million burglaries, causing an estimated $4.6 billion in lost property damages, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. No building is safe from the possibility of a burglary. York Lock & Key Inc. takes your safety and security seriously, and we offer solutions for all commercial buildings. Learn More »



    If you own a retail establishment such as a department store, market or boutique, you know how much valuable goods, cash, and paperwork you have stored at any given moment and how devastating a burglary could be to your business. You demand the highest level of security to protect your valuable possessions, and at York Lock & Key Inc., we are prepared to deliver top-notch security solutions. Learn More »



    Medical buildings hold important documents, medications and other pharmaceuticals that must be protected at all costs for the security of patients and for liability issues. To prevent theft, it is essential to know exactly who has access to your facility and to your inventory. For your security solutions, York Lock & Key installs heavy duty cylinders, padlocks, deadbolts and locksets that are resistant against picking, drilling, bumping and any other physical attack to keep valuables safe and intruders out. With our security products, you’ll be able to control who can access which areas of your facility to hone in on loss prevention and keep your health records, pharmaceuticals and lab equipment safe. Learn More »



    Colleges and universities demand high security in their facilities for the safety and protection of students and staff. There are several areas of a university that need special attention, such as university health care facilities that hold personal records or research labs that hold important documents. Computer labs house expensive technology, and the private living quarters of students is another safety and liability issue. Learn More »


  • SCHOOLS K-12

    K-12 school systems have a variety of security needs while requiring a convenient entry for students and staff. Schools hold private student documents, confidential test materials, and valuable computer equipment and sports equipment that need to be protected at all times. York Lock & Key Inc. takes these considerations into mind and offers high-security padlocks, cabinet locks, deadbolts, cylinders and locksets for your educational facility. Learn More »



    It is crucial for government facilities to uphold the highest level of security to protect confidential documents and valuable technology as well as to keep the building’s inhabitants safe. With many security threats out there, your facility could fall victim without a security assessment. Learn More »