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  • Building Security

    Whether you are managing a condo, hotel or office, York lock & Key Inc. provides a range of products and services for your building management solutions. York Lock & Key Inc. can implement appropriate layers of protection which starts from the outer area of the facility towards the inner common area of the property. Various concerns outlined below need to be considered for proper security. Learn More »

  • Key Control

    On average it costs $2.00 to duplicate a key in a local hardware store and takes less than a minute to make without your permission. The most expensive door hardware in the world is only as good as the complexity of the cylinder it uses. Learn More »

  • Safes

    To protect your important belongings and paperwork, York Lock & Key carries many lines of safes including cash vaults, drop safes, fire rated safes and gun safes to fit your every need. Our safes are equipped with keyed locks, combination dials, digital keypads, card swipes and locks that can track when a safe was opened and by whom. We have all the equipment to install the safe and lock of your choice. Learn More »

  • Residential

    York Lock & Key takes your safety and security into account, especially in your own private residence. In the event of a lockout, we open all brands and models of locks and install new locks for your home. We’ll have your locks re-keyed or change your lock combination. We provide master keys and high security keys for extra protection. Learn More »

  • Access Control

    Access control simply put is the ability to control who gets entry through a door opening. Access control offers you much more than a standard lock can ever do. It gives you the ability to set time zones, restrict which personnel can enter an area, remote unlocking, audit trails and quick deletion of users when access is no longer needed. Access control can facilitate a rapid lockdown in case of workplace violence or a threat and can integrate with your surveillance system for visual verification prior to reentry. Learn More »

  • Surveillance

    If you already have a security system, installing a surveillance system can provide you with the added safety and protection you need for your home or business. York Lock & Key Inc. along with its sister company York Security Solutions have partnered up with Bosch Security Systems to offers state of the art surveillance technology tailored to fit your needs. We carry a full line of standard digital video recorders, networked video recorders, cameras, and infrared illuminators. Combine this surveillance equipment with video analytics and you will have a proactive system that can alert you during to an incident. Learn More »

  • Intrusion Detection

    To protect your home or business, an intrusion system is your first and foremost level of defense. Intrusion systems are constantly changing, so you’ll want to upgrade your system to reduce your risk of burglary or crime. Learn More »

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