Key Control Solutions

The following are some basic steps to protect your assets either in your home or business.

Re-key Your Home or Facility

This should be the first task taken care of when moving into a new home or facility. Eliminate the possibility of the prior tenant, owner, or anyone else from being able to enter your facility unannounced. York Lock & Key Inc., the premier Miami, Miami Beach locksmith has been securing commercial, residential, corporate offices and buildings for over 75 years. Allow us to go to your site and evaluate all your security needs.

Install a Medeco Patented High-Security Key System

Most keys can be duplicated because anyone can purchase a blank or uncut key. Having your locksmith stamp “Do not duplicate” on the key is meaningless if the blank is readily available by a third party manufacturer. A Medeco patented key is controlled by the manufacturer through a utility patent. This makes it illegal for a third party manufacturer to recreate a key that will function on a Medeco patented lock. As a result, only certified locksmiths with an existing vendor agreement can purchase these blanks eliminating unscrupulous people from trying to attain duplicates. Authorization to acquire duplicates requires a picture identification to match a tenant submitted authorization form. Your Lock and Key Inc, the premier Miami, Miami Beach Locksmith, has been proudly offering Medeco High-Security hardware since its inception. On most of our installations, we may even be able to use your existing hardware by simply upgrading your cylinder.

Design a Master Key System

Another consideration in key control would be to create a master key system. This feature will allow control over what key will work on what door. For example, you may want all your employees to be able to unlock the front door while only the manager’s key can open the front door as well as his office, IT room etc. Your Lock and Key Inc., the premier Miami, Miami Beach Locksmith, has been designing and maintaining master key systems for some of the largest buildings throughout Broward and Dade County.

Sign out keys

Once you have either upgraded or rekeyed your facility, a key sign out system should be implemented. Have your employees sign a key holder agreement stating that keys should not be loaned out and lost keys should be reported immediately.